Theme and dates for next year’s festival

Tell your story

We’re thrilled to announce that the theme for Refugee Festival Scotland 2022 will be stories and storytelling!

Over 10 days from 17 to 26 June, we invite you to join us in exploring, celebrating and sharing your stories with each other through a mix of both in- person and online events.

Everyone has a story to tell

Our stories reflect the journeys our lives have taken and the places we want to go. They reflect who we are and shape how others see us.

What’s your story?

Next year, Refugee Festival Scotland will celebrate and share the stories of people and communities who have made their lives in Scotland. Through sharing our stories and listening to each other’s stories we can get to know each other better and build understanding, solidarity and friendship.

The festival will celebrate storytelling in many different formats, including music, dance and art as well as words.
We can all play a part by listening, sharing and creating together.

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