Highland Multicultural Friends warming up the Highlands with more love.

Highland Multicultural Friends warming up the Highlands with more love.

If you are new to the Scottish Highlands and adapting to a new culture, at home with a baby, want to improve your English, meet new friends, or share experiences, Highland Multicultural Friends can help you.

Highland Multicultural Friends aims to promote understanding and racial and religious equality within the host and Minority Ethnic communities locally, whilst celebrating the rich cultural diversity that makes up our Highland population.

Moreover, they provide a point of contact and a network of support for families and individuals, especially from minority ethnic backgrounds, living within the area.  Members of the host society who share the vision are also welcome.


Highland Multicultural Friends are based, during school term times, at the Cameron Youth Centre on Planefield Road, Inverness. Their weekly programme includes: ESOL, sewing group, food and friendship, baby group, fitness class and kids club.

They believe they have a lot to offer, whether it’s cooking for others, sharing cultural experiences, befriending or enabling different sectors of our society to meet in an accessible and informal setting.

Last year’s ‘Travel the World in a Day’ at Merkinch Community Centre, had: over 300 people attending, 16 different cultural display stands, Global Food Café serving lunch, interactive workshops and activities for all ages and cultural performances of music, dance and story-telling.

They have invited the various groups of refugee families, recently settled into different towns in the Highlands, to join a special celebration. Transport to this event has been difficult for many in the past. Last year’s event marking ‘Refugee Festival Scotland’ was held in Inverness, and to combat this they are holding their 2018 event nearer to where many of these communities are based.

This year Highland Multicultural Friends are holding ‘Untangling Threads’ where adults from refugee and immigrant families create a new piece of collaborative art, with the support of Common Threads Sewing Group and local community artist Lizzie MacDougall.

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