Help us celebrate the best media coverage of refugee stories

Have you read any really good media coverage of refugee issues this year? Seen any TV reports that explored the issues in a powerful way or been moved by something you’ve heard on the radio?

Our annual media awards celebrate the work of journalists covering stories related to refugee and asylum issues.

We know the media plays a big role in shaping people’s understanding and feelings about these issues. We know there is plenty of irresponsible, politically and ideologically-motivated coverage of these issues. But there is also lots of brilliant, in-depth, responsible and illuminating reporting that brings these stories to life. Our awards recognise these stories and honour the best reporting over the last twelve months by journalists based in Scotland.


Winners of Media Awards 2017


Get involved:

Anyone can nominate a piece of journalism they think worthy of an award – you don’t need to work in the media yourself.

Just send us this form and a link or pdf to the stories you’d like to nominate. Please return forms to by 18 May 2018.

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