Fair Begins Here

Join the campaign for a fair and compassionate asylum system this Refugee Festival Scotland

Ahead of the General Election we’re calling for a fair new plan for refugees – and we’re inviting everyone taking part in Refugee Festival Scotland to join us. 

How you can take part

Everyone who has registered to hold an event as part of Refugee Festival Scotland should receive a Fair Begins Here poster and flyer in the post. Please display this in a prominent place to show your support for the campaign.

You can order more Fair Begins Here posters and flyers by email at festival@scottishrefugeecouncil.org.uk

Create a Fair Begins Here wall or window display in your home, office, school, place of worship or community centre to let everyone know that you back a fair new plan for refugees.

Get creative by making your own posters, decorations and messages of welcome and solidarity, or download one of our templates.

 We would love to see your pictures on social media using #FairBeginsHere

Show your support on social media this World Refugee Day. Join thousands of people across the UK by posting a message of solidarity on Thursday, 20 June with the hashtag #FairBeginsHere.

Create your own content of use one of our pictures.

If you’re not sure what to write, just use the wording below:

This #WorldRefugeeDay I’m calling for a fair new plan for refugees – and you can too.

With a General Election around the corner, it’s time to come together to reject hostility & division & stand for something better. #FairBeginsHere

Please remember to tag us in your posts so we can like and share.

Groups and organisations can sign up to the Fair Begins Here Promise and pledge to take action for a fair new plan for refugees. Join hundreds of organisations across the UK who are coming together to stand in solidarity with refugees, reject hostile asylum policies and commit to taking action to call for a better, fairer approach.

Your organisation can sign up here!

When you sign the promise, Together with Refugees will share exciting opportunities with you, including:

  • A Fair Begins Here Promise logo to get creative with and use this Refugee Festival Scotland and beyond
  • Special Fair Begins Here Promise posters to display in your windows.
  • Social media and website content to let your community know you have signed.
  • An option to join a mass ‘letter to the editor’ local media action for Refugee Festival Scotland.

It’s time for a fair new plan

Too many people are trapped in our cruel and uncaring asylum system. Prevented from working. Separated from friends and family. Terrified of being banished to Rwanda.

The UK government keeps saying these hostile refugee policies are what the British people want. But they don’t speak for us and we know that many others feel the same.

In fact, a poll commissioned by Together With Refugees found that 80% of people in Britain want an asylum system that is well-managed, fair and compassionate. 

Show your support for people seeking safety

The UK government’s cruel policies aren’t working for refugees and they aren’t working for local communities.

We’ve had enough. Enough of the cruelty. Enough of the division. Enough of leaving people in limbo. It’s time for a new approach.

We need to work together to show politicians and the media that people in Scotland want an asylum system that is well-run, compassionate and fair.

The louder our voice becomes, the harder we will be to ignore.

Share your plans

If you’re taking part in Fair Begins Here events or activities, we’d love to hear about it.

Please let us know what you have planned and send us your orange heart photos and displays so we can include them in our online gallery.

Contact us by email at media@scottishrefugeecouncil.org.uk or drop us a DM in Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.