Share your story

Everyone has a story to tell. Our stories reflect the journeys our lives have taken and the places we want to go. They reveal who we are and shape how others see us.

Last year, Refugee Festival Scotland celebrated storytelling in many different forms - from music, dance, theatre and film to visual art, cookery and conversation.

By sharing the stories of people and communities who have made their lives in Scotland, we can get to know each other better and build understanding, solidarity and friendship. We can all play a part by listening, sharing and creating together.

There are so many different ways to bring people together and tell your story. Here are some ideas and examples from previous festivals, our wider work and the work of our friends and wider community to help you plan your event.


With the Borders Bill and Policing Bill going through parliament, there is so much that we need to fight against right now.

You could arrange a gathering in your community.

or hold an exhibition collecting protest signs to spark discussion, debate and remember our history.

You can also sign up to Together With Refugees a coalition of groups campaigning for a kinder and fairer asylum system.


Arts and culture play a powerful role in helping people settle into their new homes.

You could create a piece of public art which prompts people to stop and think.

or hold an exhibition of work created through workshops with new Scots artists.


We've all felt isolation over the past few years. It's time to bring our community back together.

You could bring local and new Scots communities together for a cultural exchange.

or you could create a safe, accessible space for women to come along and connect with each other over yoga and belly dancing.


Dance has the power to bring us together, to entertain and to spark new ideas.

You could showcase your response to borders and the hostile environment.

or bring your community together with a cross-cultural ceilidh.


There are so many fantastic films which portray the refugee experience - many of these are critically acclaimed and even up for awards. For example: Flee, Hostile, Limbo, On Our Doorstep, Soufra, to name but a few.

You could host a screening and panel discussion of your favourite film.

or hold a filmmaking workshop and work with new Scots to create a whole new film.


Food has the power to bring people together, to connect you with your past and heritage, and to show love.

You could bring your community together over a hearty meal.

or hold a cooking class to share your favourite recipes.


Poetry lies deep within us, and when it finds the right words, magic happens.

You could hold a series of poetry writing workshops culminating in an open mic night.

or bring people together to write a collaborative poem.



Sport fosters community and connection across borders, across languages, regardless of who you are.

You could hold a football tournament which brings different groups together.

or invite new Scots to give your sport a go.


Theatre is a powerful tool for connecting with audiences, taking back agency and telling your story.

You could use theatre to help audiences understand the absurdity of the asylum process.

or re-tell a classic story through a whole new lens.