Organise an Event

You make Refugee Festival Scotland possible. Every year groups, organisations and individuals organise and attend hundreds of fantastic festival events in locations across Scotland.

This year, the festival runs from Friday 14 to Sunday 23 June and the theme is RISE, celebrating the resilience and courage of New Scots and the warm welcome and sense of civic belonging that we find in our communities. 

If you’d like to run an event as part of the festival, please take a moment to read the event guidelines in this page.

The guidelines include more information about: the theme, who can run events, how to submit an event, funding and more.

This year’s theme: Rise

What gives you strength to overcome challenges and pursue what matters most to you? How do you help others to thrive, be heard and feel connected? How do we rise together above hostile narratives and continue to grow as diverse communities?

We invite you to join this shared celebration and explore what rising may look or feel like. We’re looking for events that bring people from different backgrounds together and celebrate resilience and solidarity through music, dance, film, theatre, visual art, outdoor gatherings, heritage, sports… and food, of course!  

Join us to be part of this year’s festival and help build and energise a movement of welcome and inclusivity for people seeking sanctuary in Scotland. 

Find out more about our theme here

Who can run an event?

Refugee Festival Scotland is a festival for everyone. And everyone is welcome to run an event, whether you’re an individual, a local community group or a national institution,

To be part of the festival’s open programme, your event must:

  • take place in Scotland
  • be open to the public
  • do at least one of these three things:
    1. Provide people from refugee backgrounds with a platform to showcase their art, cultural heritage and contribution to life in Scotland;
    2. Provide opportunities for New Scot and older Scot communities to meaningfully connect and come together;
    3. Raise awareness about the challenges faced by people seeking safety in Scotland and promote a culture of understanding, welcome and support.

If your event doesn’t meet the above criteria, we will not be able to include it in the festival programme.

Submitting your event

Submissions for Refugee Festival Scotland 2024 are open till 12 noon on Wednesday, 1 May.

You can submit events by completing an Event Registration Form. (If you want to run more than one event, please complete a separate form for each event.)

Please make sure you complete all parts of the event submission form in full: the information you provide will be used to create a public event listing, letting people know when and where your event takes place and what will happen at it, so we need it to be accurate and up-to-date.

If we don’t have enough information about your event, we won’t be able to include it in the Refugee Festival Scotland programme.

Provide a picture

Please remember to send us a photo or picture to go with your event listing.

Your image/s should be:

  • good quality and appropriate for audiences of all ages
  • no larger than 5 MB
  • no smaller than 500 KB
  • ideally 1200 x 600 pixels

We may also share the image you provide on social media, and in marketing and reports. Please provide the name of the photographer/source of your image so we know who to credit.

**IMPORTANT: Only send images that you have consent to use to promote your event, and that can be shared for publicity purposes**


We award funding to help grassroots groups, community organisations and artists take part in Refugee Festival Scotland. Please note that applications for funding to run events as part of our 2024 festival are now closed.