Get involved

We are thrilled to have you part of our family in the festival. Before filling the event registration form, please take some time to read the following:

Event Guidelines

You make Refugee Festival Scotland possible. Every year groups, organisations and individuals organise and attend hundreds of fantastic festival events in locations across Scotland.

If you'd like to run an event as part of this year's festival, please take a moment to read these guidelines. They will provide the information you need to complete your event submission form.

The guidelines include more information about: the theme, who can run events, how to submit an event funding and more.


This page includes answers for the most asked questions about the festival; what it is, who can take part deadline, covering the cost of your event and more.


How to cover the cost of your event, who can apply to this grant, how much would you be awarded, judging criteria and more is covered at this section.