Yemen: The Jewel of Arabia

by The Yemeni Scottish Foundation
Saturday 19 June 2021, 15:00
About the event:

Yemen: The Jewel of Arabia will introduce you to the richness of Yemen’s culture and heritage.

The event, organised by Yemeni Scottish Foundation, will highlight the country’s history and beautiful culture through music, arts, films and more, to tackle some of the misconceptions and negative imagery of Yemen displayed in the media due to the current ongoing war and conflicts.


This event will take place online on Saturday 19th June at 3 pm.
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About The Yemeni Scottish Foundation:

The Yemeni Scottish Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation aimed to be a focal point for all Yemenis and people connected to Yemen in Scotland regardless of their political views, beliefs, and backgrounds.

We take pride in promoting Yemen’s diverse culture. Also to contribute to the social & economic integration and development of our community in Scotland.

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