Together / Apart

08:00 -

By Take One Action

About the event:
For the 2021 online edition of Refugee Festival Scotland, Take One Action have curated a free selection of short films exploring borders, in-betweens and new beginnings. In their search for safety, three families navigate complex asylum systems that will determine their future together – or apart.


Jano & Shiro: A Brothers’ Journey
(Els Van Driel, Eefje Blankevoort, Netherlands, 2020, 35min)
A gripping account of two teenage brothers’ journey from Syria to the Netherlands – and an exposĂ© of the arbitrariness of the systems they have to navigate when they arrive.

(Isabel Castro, USA, 2019, 15min)
A moving portrait of a Honduran family in the months after their separation under the zero tolerance policy in the USA.

Isle of Us
(Laura Wadha, UK, 2020, 17min)
Haunted by the ghost of war, a stoic Syrian Barber is trying to build a home for himself and his family on a remote Scottish island. He must find a way to survive this new unfamiliar life and protect the memory of Syria for his young children.


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– All the films are captioned for d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences
– ‘Isle of Us’ and ‘Darlin’ contain mainly bright images. ‘Jano & Shiro’ contains some darker images.
– Content notes: This programme contains discussions of war, state violence, and suicide ideation
– Please contact info@takeoneaction.org.uk if you have any questions about access to this event.

This programme is free but registration is required. Films will be available to watch for the duration of Refugee Festival Scotland (14-20 June).

About Take One Action:

Take One Action nurtures communal exploration of the stories, ideas and questions at the heart of positive social change. Through film screenings, conversation and enquiry, we bring people together to inspire a fairer, more sustainable and more fulfilling world, in Scotland and beyond our borders.


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