The Incomers Film Festival: Human Stories of Migration

by University of Glasgow
Tuesday 19 June 2018, 10:30

This four day free festival taking place in Dumfries will examine refugees’ and migrants’ experiences through the medium of cinema. Many screenings will be preceded by short documentaries, and followed by free refreshments and panel discussions.

Monday 18th June 19.00 Dirty Pretty Things (2003, drama, rated 15) accompanied by short film: A Journey Through River Vitasta (2012, documentary)
Tuesday 19th June 10:30 Glasgow Girls (2014, BBC drama) accompanied by 2 short films: Life on Hold and Rain is Beautiful (2012, documentaries)
Tuesday 19th June 14.00 Once (2007, musical romance, rated 15) accompanied by short film: Home (2012, drama)
Wednesday 20th June 13.00 Persepolis (2007, animation, rated 12A) accompanied by short film: Supporting Syrians Across Borders (2017, documentary)
Wednesday 20th June 17:30 Calais Children (2017) and At Home in the World (2015) (documentaries) accompanied by short film: Supporting Syrians Across Borders (2017, documentary)
Thursday 21st June 10:30 An American Tail (1986, children’s animation, rated U)
Thursday 21st June 19.00 District 9 (2009, sci-fi, rated 15) accompanied by short film: The New Colossus (2017, documentary)

The Research Exchange among Migrant and Refugee Networks in and around Dumfries and Galloway (REMiND) is a knowledge exchange partnership that promotes communication and dialogue on migrant and refugee issues, builds capacity and enables future research agendas. It is hosted by Glasgow University which delivers higher education and provides strong research resources for the community.

All screenings are free. To reserve your place in advance call 01387264808, or visit

Wheelchair accessible

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Free event
Robert Burns Centre Film Theatre
Mill Road
In partnership with: DGMA, MOOL, AWAZ Cumbria, GRAMnet, Robert Burns Centre and Dumfries Trade Union Council, Radical Film Network.