Stronger together

by Kurdish Women Community Group
Sunday 20 June 2021, 14:00
About the event:

Join Glasgow’s Kurdish Women’s Group for a virtual gathering on Zoom to share our experiences of Covid-19.

What have you missed most this year?

What small acts of kindness have made a difference?

If you had to leave your home in a hurry, what would you take with you?

Think about a time you were new somewhere. What was it like, and what made you feel welcome?

Think about a community you are part of – this could be your neighbourhood, workplace, school, faith community, or somewhere else.

If you could create it again from scratch, what would it look like?

How would people welcome and support each other?

By bringing people together for a chat over a cup of tea, we aim to share experiences, listen to one another and provide an opportunity for people to be heard.


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About Kurdish Women Community Group :


We are a Kurdish community group that supports asylum seekers and refugees from Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey. We carry out a weekly activity for women and children to encourage them to integrate into society.
Also, we raise awareness through speakers and health care professionals. Throughout this pandemic, we have supported our members emotionally and financially.
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