Ubuntu RFS (002)

Roti, Zameen, Azaadi – Bread, Land, Freedom

18:00 - 20:00

By Ubuntu Womens Collective

Roti, Zameen, Azaadi – Bread, Land, Freedom (Urdu/Hindi)
“Bread, freedom and social justice!” was the cry that rallied the people in Egypt during the revolution in 2011. Bread punctuates our collective consciousness, our histories, our memories of home and resistance to oppression..

Ubuntu Women Shelter hosts a one-day bread-making session to reclaim the subversive potential of making and sharing bread as a practical strategy in our collective resistance to the hostile environment. We will be sharing recipes from women from countries including Pakistan, India, The Gambia, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Sudan. Where flour meets water, these simple ingredients come alive and transform as we share our creativity, stories, our knowledge and cultures of being human. Through bread bonds of kneading, proofing and baking, we allow ourselves to take back time and our means to produce, ferment and sustain a no-borders existence.

11am – 4pm: The Bread Exchange – Hands-on baking session (women-only)
Participants are encouraged to bring your own bread recipes and techniques from home. Limited to 20, with priority given to women with lived experience of borders. Lunch will be provided. Please send us recipes in advance (by 20 June) to info@ubuntu-glasgow.org.uk if you have any specific ingredients you would like us to source and to prepare.

6pm-8pm: Breaking Bread and Borders
Join Ubuntu Women Shelter and invited guests, allies and people with lived experience of borders, to break bread and share nourishment.

Travel expenses and childcare can be provided – please contact sabrina@cca-glasgow.com for more information.

Ubuntu Women Shelter is set up to meet the emergency and short term accommodation needs of destitute women (trans and non-binary inclusive) with no recourse to public funds. We currently ensure women can be safely hosted across the city and are working towards acquiring our own dedicated building to meet this need. Ubuntu work is reparations work. The needs of the women we support have been overlooked by systemic erasure. Their destitution is normalised. We believe destitution as immigration policy is one legacy of the unacknowledged historical violence of colonisation. Ubuntu work is witnessing their humanity.


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