Priti Foul: why we must oppose the Sovereign Borders Bill

19:00 -

By Glasgow Stand Up To Racism

About the event:
Priti Patel’s new Sovereign Borders Bill must be stopped. She claims the new policy is “fair”.
We say it is foul. For the first time, entering the UK ‘illegally’ could negatively impact the progress of an asylum claim.
Patel wants only those who arrive via a ‘legal’ route to be helped. Yet less than 1% of the world’s refugees follow ‘legal’ migration routes, such as resettlement schemes.
This event aims to inform and inspire action to help build a welcoming culture and a movement to defend the rights of those seeking a better life in our city.
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About Glasgow Stand Up To Racism:
We actively build unity to strengthen the campaign against racism and not let the racists divide us.


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