PAST-Inuous shares stories of refugeehood


08:00 -

By Farah Saleh

About the event:

PAST-inuous is an interactive video dance installation created through an international digital collaboration with 11 Palestinian dancers and video artist Lucas Kao.

The dancers, most of whom are third-generation refugees, currently live in Palestine and the diaspora including Edinburgh, Berlin, Gaza and Nablus.

The idea was conceived to reflect on the ongoing Palestinian refugee problem since 1948, by the creation of Israel on Palestinian land and the expulsion of Palestinians all around the world, now estimated to be 5 million.

The work considers the bodies of the eleven artists as living archives. It attempts to dig into these archives to find connections between the artists’ daily gestures of the present, and the gestures of their expelled families in the past.

In doing this, it aspires to think about the future of the Palestinian refugee cause and its connection to the current global refugee condition.

The video will be open all day on June 18th for people to watch from 8 am onwards on the following link:
About Farah Saleh:

Farah Saleh is a Palestinian dancer and choreographer based in Scotland. She has studied linguistic and cultural mediation in Italy and in parallel continued her studies in contemporary dance.

She has been creating independent work since 2012. She is currently an Associate Artist at Dance Base in Edinburgh and a PhD candidate at the Edinburgh College of Art.


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