Rubina - Vicky Mohieddeen

Life in the Time Workshop

10:00 - 12:00

By Amina MWRC/Vicky Mohieddeen

About the event:
Your opportunity to reflect on your lockdown experience and create an artwork of your vision of the future, led by the women behind the artworks on the Life in the Time exhibition website.
The facilitators will also share new poetry and written works inspired by their experience of claiming asylum in the UK.
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About Amina MWRC:
Amina is an award-winning organisation, recognised by Muslim and black and minority ethnic (BME) communities within Scotland for its innovative and responsive approach to addressing issues and needs of these communities. Having invested in this specialist area, where there was previously a gap in services in Scotland, Amina is recognised as the national hub for gaining access to, and for consultation with Muslim and BME women across Scotland.

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