Life in the Time: Exhibition

by Amina MWRC
Sunday 20 June 2021, 08:00
About the event

Life in the Time is an urgent call to action to address the lack of support for marginalised and socially excluded women. Over one hundred Muslim, BME women came together in early 2021 to connect, reflect and create, a series of culturally responsive and mindfully curated online sessions.

The poems, films and images created are the tangible expressions of these experiences.

A reflection on the past, an acknowledgement of our present and a message for the future: when all this is over and forgotten. A message to generations to come and the future selves of the women who created this work.

To see the exhibition, please go to Life In The Time (

Please note, this is an open exhibition so you can see it whenever you want.

About Amina MWRC:

Amina is an inclusive organisation that empowers and supports Muslim and BME women to create an inclusive Scotland in which they can contribute fully. An inclusive world where Muslim and Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) women are fulfilling their aspirations.
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