Amended Let me Tell you

Let Me Tell You a Story of My Country

Saturday, 25 June
13:00 - 17:00

By Stronger Together Enterprise

Our family-friendly event is a celebration of African cultures. Children and young people will share stories about their countries of origin through poems, songs and performance.

The purpose of the event is to learn about the different African cultures and appreciate the value they have brought to Scotland.


Hydepark Business Centre, 60 Mollinsburn Street, Suite 21, Glasgow, G21 4SF


Please send us a message at 07474318421 or contact us through Stronger Together Enterprise | Facebook.

About Stronger Together Enterprise:

Our organisation works with the African minority to achieve their best potential. We support this community through social, recreational, and educational activities. We work to reduce isolation by bringing people together and supporting their development.


Hydepark Business Centre
60 Mollinsburn Street, Suite 21, Glasgow
G21 4SF

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