Journey to the Past

17:00 - 20:00

By International Women's Group

Join International Women’s Group (IWG) for a reading of poems written by different members. This will be an opportunity for women and younger girls to learn from each other and use their experiences for their empowerment. There will also be opportunities for more casual socialisation as food and refreshments will be served, along with music. The event aims to remove women from any isolated situations they may find themselves in to a more positive environment.

International Women’s Group (IWG) was formed in 2009 to support and meet the needs of such diverse women living in Glasgow and surrounding areas including: refugees, migrants and those living in isolation. IWG seek to empower and inspire women by creating opportunities to come together; make social connections; learn new skills and increase confidence to participate in all aspects of life in Scotland.

Women only event

Wheelchair accessible 


G20 8TS

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