In Our Shoes

by Maryhill Integration Network / Shpresa Program @AlbScott
Monday 14 June 2021, 16:00

About the event

History is leaves pressed in a book.
History is in the wrinkles of a face, of the mountains.
We have always been travellers, wanderers, on pilgrimages.
History is grandmother’s unspeakable stories, jewels made of steel.

Join us for the launch of a new poetry collection by Maryhill Integration Network’s creative writing group. In Our Shoes explores the power of poetry to communicate lived experience, and shows how poems can transport us into lives and histories very different from our own.

Learn how collaborative poetry-writing sessions work, enjoy performances from a unique range of voices, and experience life In Our Shoes.



Join Zoom Meeting on Monday 14th June at 4pm:

Meeting ID: 480 738 4718

Passcode: 225630

For more information, please contact Rema at

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