Refugee Camp Baqubah (R. Diyalah)

Global Refugee Histories: Camps and Care

16:00 -

By University of Glasgow / GRAMNet

About the event:

Two Glasgow historians explore the global history of the refugee camp and the history of refugee mental health.

Benjamin Thomas White will discuss the global history of the refugee camp from the first world war to the present. Who has put refugees in camps, and why? And how have refugees responded to being put in camps?

Baher Ibrahim will focus on refugee mental health, from the displaced persons camps of 1940s Europe to the Thai-Cambodian border in the 1980s. What work have psychiatrists done with refugees? How have their understandings of refugee mental health changed over time?

There’ll be plenty of time for questions from the audience, too.


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Hosted by:

University of Glasgow / GRAMNet


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