From Exclusion to Inclusion

11:00 -

By Scottish Wider Access Programme (West) (SWAPWest)

About the event

A workshop with active participation around participants development of skills and competence assessment to assist with the transition to education or employment.

The aims of the workshop are:

  • to introduce the participants┬áto the concept of skills and competences
  • to explain why these are important for future education and employment
  • to introduce some of the more common competences
  • to allow participants┬áto assess their level of competence in an interactive way
  • to signpost the participants to resources that could assist their development


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About Scottish Wider Access Programme (West) (SWAPWest)

SWAPWest (which is based in Glasgow) works in partnership with colleges and universities throughout the West of Scotland. We give independent advice to adults about opportunities to access further and higher education.

If they believe they have the potential to succeed at university, but they missed out the first time around, for whatever reason, the friendly staff can offer impartial advice on how to access further and higher education.


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