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Online Event

As part of the Scotland Refugee Festival, we invite you to join the «Dialogues of Inclusion» webinar dedicated to promoting equality, understanding and intercultural communication which are very important to local communities and for refugee communities as well. This webinar provides an opportunity to learn practical strategies for using conversation as a handy tool to foster understanding, break down barriers, and create a more inclusive society. We can become more empowered and self-assured in our daily lives by speaking our truths and expressing our concerns. Additionally, having the chance to be heard satisfies the want to be respected, can result in fruitful discussion, and can encourage further cooperation.

Register in advance here.

If there are any issues registering in advance, feel free to join the Zoom at the time of the event. https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86360628912
Meeting ID: 863 6062 8912