Unseen Arts, Untold Stories

Garnethill Multicultural Centre
21 Rose Street, Glasgow, G3 6RE, United Kingdom
Talk/Workshop Visual Art

Join us for an exhibition showing the work of several Kurdish artists. The exhibition will run over a number of days from a city centre exhibition space and have a launch event on the first day. The artists’ work will reflect their personal stories of leaving Kurdistan and seeking asylum in Scotland and how they have stayed connected to hope throughout.

The work explores ‘hope’ through a range of different media and visual languages. The Zagros Project is currently exploring how we can use art to support people in our community to settle. This exhibition is an exploration of using art in this way.

On the 23rd at 6pm will be the exhibition opening and drinks.

On the 24th, the exhibition will be open from 10am-6pm with artist talks and discussions from 2-4pm.

On June 25th, there will be a closing event with music, dance and food from 4-10pm.

Please register by visiting the Facebook page (Zagros Kurdish Scottish Community) or email director@zagroscommunity.org