Tree of Life

Pollok Community Centre
134 Langton Road, Glasgow, G53 5DP, United Kingdom
Food Music/Dance/Theatre Talk/Workshop

We each enter the world carrying something unique that asks to be lived out through us. Just like the destiny of an oak tree is contained in the acorn. We are like trees with roots, stems with a set of talents and branches carrying our future.
Voices of Peace women group from the Village Storytelling Centre invites you to a Storytelling Performance and a story sharing, arts, and movement workshop.

Come to hear stories of the moving trees from the women new Scots in Glasgow and share yours! Explore your growth through movement and painting on acrylic sheets.
We will taste the food from different cultures and make new connections. Please bring your favourite dish from your culture that you would love to share. We can assist with transportation.

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This event is also part of the adult storytelling programme Our Stories, Our Voices and Creative Communities project The Movement. The Village Storytelling Centre while running this event is partly funded by the Scottish Refugee Council, Impact Funding Partners, GCVS Glasgow Wellbeing Fund, Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership, Glasgow Life, Glasgow City Council and Scottish Government.