The Veil Between Worlds

CCA - Theatre
350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JD

All ages welcome.

Level access to building. The CCA Theatre is accessible via lift. Gender neutral toilets, accessible toilets and baby changing facilities are available. Good bus and subway transport links.

Music/Dance/Theatre Visual Art

Sound artist Cindy Islam will be presenting a new performance piece commissioned by Refugee Festival Scotland. The Veil Between Worlds is an audio/visual performance sharing an intimate understanding of the veil and its multiplicities; as a material fabric designated to women but also a symbolic portal between us and alternative perceptions. The Veil Between Worlds traverses the textures and sounds where everyday observations intersect with the contemplation of other existences. The veil becomes a cloak flickering through the visible and invisible, a sonic layer between what we experience and what else may exist.

About the artist:

Cindy Islam is a sound artist and performer inspired by Sufi principles of sound as a divination tool, a way to reconnect to the origins of creation and use listening as an entry point into the unknown. Absent of any musical training, Cindy Islam approaches the decolonisation of sound-making through a celebration of the amateur; collaging and layering synthesised noises, frequencies, field recordings and archival sounds collected from their migrations between Iraq, London and Scotland.

Organised by Refugee Festival Scotland, with support from Common Ground.

Image credit: Cindy Islam, The Veil.