Refugee Festival at V&A Dundee

V&A Dundee
1 Riverside Esplanade, Dundee, DD1 4EZ, United Kingdom

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Community Celebration Families/Young People Talk/Workshop

Immerse yourself in a celebration of diversity at V&A Dundee during the Scottish Refugee Festival, where you will be able to experience an enriching blend of cultures, traditions and diverse ways of life.

Delve into the heart of Ukrainian culture with hands-on workshops, or experience the vibrant traditions of Afghanistan, where skilled artisans will guide you through the ancient techniques of jewellery making.

The festivities don’t stop there! Explore a variety of events throughout the week, from all parts of the world. Join us as we celebrate the resilience, creativity, and spirit of unity that define the refugee experience, making this festival a testament to the beauty of cultural exchange and solidarity.

Full details on our events programme will be available in the coming weeks. Please visit our website for more information. We hope to see you there!

Image credit: ©V&A Dundee