Picnic & Play at the Hidden Gardens

Hidden Gardens
25a Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE, United Kingdom
Families/Young People Food Talk/Workshop

Children aged 3-8 and their families are invited to the magical hidden gardens for a day of imaginary play, delicious food and discovering nature’s secrets!

From 11:00 – 12:30 Licketyspit will lead a Storyplay session in the secret glade, where you’ll take part in games, songs and stories from around the world.

At 12:30, Kin Kitchen will serve a delicious picnic prepared by their volunteers, which we can all share together in the garden. The first part of the event (Storyplay & Picnic) must be booked in advance by emailing ruby@licketyspit.com or texting 07413 800 342.

From 13:00-15:00 you can take part in a range of family workshops in the garden that are drop-in. These include: creating your own window-ledge planter, making a lavender pouch to put under your pillow, taking a guided tour round the gardens, sharing recipes and culinary creations.

These events will be an opportunity to connect with your children, your imagination and the natural world. We hope it plants seeds for stories, friendships and community to grow.