Mastering New Flavours & Recipes

Common Village
75 Stirling Road, Glasgow, G4 0EQ, United Kingdom

Paid parking around the venue. Various buses (57, 19, All 38) stop close to the venue.

Community Celebration Families/Young People Food

🌍 Discover Culinary Harmony at Africa Delice: A Flavourful Journey for All

Join us at the Refugee Festival Scotland 2024 for a captivating exploration of diverse tastes and culinary traditions with Africa Delice! Our event, “Mastering New Flavours and Cooking,” is a celebration of cultural unity through the art of cooking.

🍲 Event Highlights:

Culinary Workshop: Learn and master the secrets of rich global flavours through hands-on workshops led by skilled chefs.

Cross-Cultural Cooking Exchanges: Immerse yourself in a vibrant exchange of cooking techniques, spices, and recipes, fostering connections between diverse refugee and asylum seeker communities.

Taste the Richness: Indulge in a sensory journey as we showcase the vibrant tapestry of global cuisine and introduce new, healthy flavours to the Scottish community.

Embrace the joy of culinary exploration and join Africa Delice in promoting unity, diversity, and cultural understanding through the universal language of food. Come together with refugees and communities alike, as we savour the richness of our shared culinary heritage. Let’s make this festival a flavourful celebration of togetherness!

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Image credit: Africa Delice Cooking Workshop at Common Village, 2023. Photo: Africa Delice