Jewellery Making to Inspire and Empower – Wax Carve a Silver Ring at The Burrell Collection

The Burell Collection
Pollok Country Park, 2060 Pollokshaws Rd, Bellahouston, Glasgow G43 1AT
Tickets on a sliding scale: Full price, half price, quarter price and free - especially for refugees and asylum seekers.

The Burrell Collection has fantastic accessibility. Here are details of how to get there by public transport

There is a large car park available, which is free for blue badge holders.

There are several lifts and plenty of toilets everywhere. Vanilla Ink will reimburse any local travel for refugees and asylum seekers.

Community Celebration Talk/Workshop Visual Art

Want to create a piece of jewellery in a unique, therapeutic and empowering way? You can carve your very own pendant inspired by your culture, heritage or personal experiences!

Not only that, you can carve your pendant in the beautiful surroundings of The Burrell Collection, where you can be inspired or take the time to view some incredible historical pieces.

Wax carving is a technique used by jewellers to mould, carve and craft pieces of jewellery in a material that is affordable, easily shaped and forgiving. Wax allows makers to be creative and test ideas before committing to metal. In this unique class, we will show you the techniques on how to carve jeweller’s wax into a pendant. The wax will then be sent off to cast in silver using the lost wax casting process. We will then finish the rings in our workshop and post them back to the hands that carved them!

16+ only. If you need glasses to see things close up, please bring them with you. Making jewellery is fiddly!

Image credit: Wax Carve a Silver Ring at Vanilla Ink CIC, 2022. Photo: Vanilla Ink CIC