St Columba Church
24 Amochrie Road, Paisley, PA2 0JR, United Kingdom
Families/Young People Food Music/Dance/Theatre

Space to express, intergenerational in nature, will provide a ‘welcoming and hopeful’ space for refugee families to share the interactive and vibrant platform of creativity with the purpose to have a positive change and enjoyable experience. There will be an opportunity for these families to express themselves through a drawing/painting session led by an artist, a music/dance sing-along session led by a performer, and a food get-together with a display of diverse cultural cuisines. The families will be encouraged to engage in conversations about their journey of Hope and share their stories which can help strengthen others who feel depressed and lonely in their own journey. They will also partake in a unity song/dance where the thematic song of HOPE will be creatively produced and sung in their different languages. Families are welcome to attend in their cultural attires. Photographs will be taken.