Changemaking: Poetry Workshop

Gallery of Modern Art - Studio
Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow, G1 3AH

The GoMA Studio is on the fourth floor and is accessible by lift as well as stairs. Tickets are free and vegan refreshments will be provided. Participants from the refugee and asylum community will be reimbursed for local transportation expenses.

Activism/Campaigning Storytelling/Poetry/Spoken Word Talk/Workshop

📝 The workshop will introduce participants to blackout poetry, which has its roots in revolutionary print media in the 18th century and the subversive Dada movement of the 20th century. Centred around the inclusive form of blackout poetry, it will celebrate activist visions in a diverse community space.

🍉 Together, we will play with source texts to create blackout poems in solidarity with those suffering as a result of displacement caused by the ongoing violence in Israel and Palestine. We will reshape the mainstream narrative to acknowledge the deep uncertainty faced by displaced refugees and asylum seekers today, and to affirm our support as they rise and build new lives.

👥 Experienced poets are welcome to join, but participants need not have prior experience in creative writing of any kind to be able to participate.

Image credit: GYG Workshop at GoMA Studio, 2024. Photo: Mridula Sharma.