Eritrean Coffee Ceremony

Royal Society of Edinburgh
2-26 George St., Edinburgh, EH2 2PQ
Music/Dance/Theatre Talk/Workshop

In some cultures the coffee ceremony is an integral part of day-to-day life. It is a thread that binds together people, culture, and nature. During coffee ceremonies, people talk about socio-political events, tell stories, dance, perform and celebrate the gifts of nature, such as rivers, arable lands, mountains, etc. As a space, the coffee ceremony creates the conditions of possibility for the “unsaid” to be “said” and unknowable (e.g., taboos) to be revealed. Most importantly, the joy of celebrating coffee together has a healing effect. During this drop in session, we will facilitate a traditional Eritrean/Ethiopian coffee ceremony with some music and storytelling. You’re welcome to bring one item or think of a song that has a cultural significance to you or your community.

This event is free. Please book online here.