Drawing Together Project

Articulate Hub
249 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 4QE, United Kingdom
Visual Art

An exhibition of art by young people from a refugee background in Scotland, Finland and Norway based on a research project on wellbeing. Open from 17th to 28th of June. The artwork shows their memories of wellness in childhood, in their everyday lives now, and in their imaginations about their future. Our exhibition is called ‘Drawing Together’. For us, this has two meanings. One refers to bringing people together to share life’s colours through the creation of art. The other shows how people get closer to each other over time by using their humour and hard work, and by understanding each other’s pressures, joys and sadness. Through a series of original artwork, photography and films, our exhibition is a testament to the ways young refugees add to a nation’s diversity, health and its wealth. The exhibition tells their stories of hope as safety, hope as belonging, and hope as success.