Coming Home Exhibition Opening X SiO Poetry Evening

Summerhall Gallery Bar
Gallery Bar 1 Summerhall Newington, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL, United Kingdom
Music/Dance/Theatre Visual Art

Join us in Summerhall’s Gallery Bar for the exhibition opening of artist Sophia Bharmal and a beautiful lineup of BiPoC poets and performers who will explore their connection to Home, Identity and Culture.

Artist Sophia Bharmal’s work is rooted in an exploration of her British Indian Muslim background. It draws strongly from the complexity of heritage, their colonial past and the nearer horrors of associated extremism within the Islamic community and how this has impacted their representation. Sophia considers herself a visual mirror, attempting to break down pre-assumed notions and shedding light on the everydayness of life in her world. She uses her work to internally reconcile her own conflicts as a woman within her communities questioning her role and place of belonging.

This event is part of Spit it Out Fest, a festival made by Spit It Out Project.

Pay-as-you-can tickets available, register here.