Educational Institute of Scotland Member’s Screening of ‘Journeys Into Film’ in Conversation with Maryhill Integration Network

17:00 -


For Refugee Week Scotland 2021, the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) is pleased to host a film screening and discussion for EIS members, of Journeys Into Film. The event will be an opportunity to discuss media and film portrayals about migration journeys and be a forum to share methods and resources for teaching about the issue.  

Please register your interest via the online booking form.

Journeys Into Film is a selection of shorts developed through following the work of directors with lived experience, and their ethos in filmmaking. The legacies of these films, purposefully programmed in dialogue with each other take in the importance of how we cannot walk alone, encouraging boundary-crossing and understanding of history and communications between those with lived experiences and those without working to support them.

The live online screening will be followed by a discussion about the general themes of the films, and how media portrayals shape our understanding of refugee stories. Maryhill Integration Network joins the discussion to provide insight into the current state of play for refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland. Maryhill Integration Network will also share information about the Sea of Paperwork – a new teaching resources about migration and the hostile environment, and participants will be reintroduced to EIS resources such as Myths of Immigration, and Welcome Packs.

The Educational Institute of Scotland is Scotland’s largest teaching trade union and a long-standing supporter of Refugee Week.

Maryhill Integration Network (MIN) brings together asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and the local community of Glasgow through, art, social, cultural and educational groups and projects. The Sea of Paperwork is a short graphic novel project which will now be turned into the digital Migration Teaching Resource, allowing young people to creatively engage with and understand issues around racism, migration and human rights.



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