Celebration Of Life

by Maryhill Integration Network
Sunday 20 June 2021, 14:00
About the event:

MIN’s Joyous Choir use singing as an inclusive and enjoyable activity that celebrates the richness that New Scots bring to Scotland’s artistic landscape and cultural life. Since 2013, the group has used singing to support social inclusion, diversity, and empowerment in a welcoming and creative space

Join us for a live performance at Kelvingrove Art Gallery featuring our special guest, Farzane Zamen, a singer/songwriter from Iran.  Enjoy traditional songs from the cultures of choir members; songs of solidarity, sisterhood, friendship, freedom, journeys, and dreams.

For more information and to book your FREE tickets, please contact Rema Zeka Sherifi at rema@maryhillintegration.org.uk
About Maryhill Integration Network:

Maryhill Integration Network(MIN ), with the aim to support integration, social cohesion and cross-cultural understanding, bringing communities together through a variety of projects, offering participants a chance to learn new skills, make social connections, share experiences and demonstrate the value of cultural diversity in Scotland’.

In-person events | Music
Free event
Main entrance Kelvingrove Art Gallery
G3 8 AG