BM Event Refugee Festival 15June18

Are Refugee Languages Welcome? The Critical Role of Refugee Languages in Integration

13:00 - 15:00

By Bilingualism Matters - University of Edinburgh

Refugee languages are not an obstacle to integration; instead they provide continuity amidst upheaval and disruption, whilst playing a supporting role in English learning. Bilingualism Matters presents expert talks by high-profile researchers and testimonials from young refugee learners, followed by a round-table discussion with local community organisers and ESOL providers.

Bilingualism Matters is a centre at the University of Edinburgh, founded by Professor Antonella Sorace, which reaches out to communities and institutions to help them make informed decisions based on scientific research about bilingualism and language learning. The Bilingualism Matters Refugee Working Group focuses on the welcoming and integration of refugee individuals and families arriving in Scotland by sharing local language-related resources, and by providing information about the importance of maintaining their home language as they, and particularly their children, learn English. 

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