Conversations on identity, language and possibility – with Debora Kayembe

We reached out to the organisers behind the Much Language Such Talk Podcast, who will be interviewing Debora Kayembe during Refugee Festival Scotland 2021.

“We are releasing a special podcast episode where we interview human rights lawyer, activist and rector of the University of Edinburgh, Ms. Debora Kayembe. We will talk about her work as lawyer and translator, and her experiences with multilingualism and arriving in the UK as refugee.

“It is a very educational, inspiring conversation about identity, the importance of languages, and the possibilities in life when you believe in yourself.

“We believe it is important to share stories that are relatable and encouraging, and to highlight individual experiences from refugees. Ms Kayembe’s journey has been inspiring, and her multilingualism is an important part of her story. We want to encourage our listeners and society as a whole to recognise the importance of refugee languages as carriers of stories, culture and memories.

“It still happens that refugees and migrants are told to stop speaking their home languages for the sake of integration, instead of recognizing the importance of language and identity. We want to encourage our listeners to learn from one another, and celebrate diversity.”

Tune in at 12pm on 17th June. To listen to the episode, please go to

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