About us

A festival for everyone

People from refugee backgrounds make a huge contribution to life in Scotland and we believe this is something worth celebrating.

Refugee Festival Scotland takes place every year in the lead up to World Refugee Day, on 20 June. Each event helps to shine a light on the cultural richness and diversity of our communities. It is a celebration of the food and drink, music and poetry, art, dance, language and ideas that people bring with them when they settle in Scotland.

Since the festival first began in 2000, we've been bringing people from different backgrounds together to meet, mix and get to know each other better. By building bridges across communities, we offer a vision of hope, friendship, neighbourliness and solidarity with people seeking refugee protection in Scotland.

What we do

We want to help create a welcoming Scotland where people forced to flee their homes in search of safety are able to begin rebuilding their lives from the day they arrive.

Refugee Festival Scotland aims to:

  • Provide people from refugee backgrounds with a platform to showcase their art, cultural heritage and contribution to life in Scotland
  • Reduce loneliness and social isolation by providing refugees and people seeking asylum with an opportunity to become active members of their communities
  • Raise awareness about the challenges faced by people seeking safety in Scotland and promote a culture of welcome and support

Who we are

The festival is produced and coordinated by Scottish Refugee Council but it is far bigger than this. Hundreds of people from across Scotland come together to make it happen - from individual artists and activists to refugee-led community groups, local organisations and national institutions.

Anyone can apply to hold an event as part of the festival.