Being part of Refugee Festival Scotland!

Baz is part of the team organising Refugee Festival Scotland. He tells us why he wanted to be involved and what he’s most looking forward to about this year’s festival.

“Refugee Festival Scotland is a place to connect New Scots with communities across Scotland, a place rich in cultures and traditions where we learn about one another.

It is a platform, online and in-person, for people to come together to dance, talk, eat, feel the harmony in the world and more.

We celebrate what YOU and I have achieved so far and how we, together, have enhanced life here in Scotland.

Here, we have space to walk a thousand miles in each other’s shoes, to tell stories and share experience. Here, there are NO divisions, only unity and great ideas.

The festival is a place where the sky is the limit when it comes to dreams and ideas. It is a safe and open space for people to campaign for change and reach out to others in friendship and support.

This year, 2021, is the 21st anniversary of the festival which without your input, would never have happened.

Each year, we evolve and adapt to changes and use new tools to support and bring people together. As a result of Covid-19, this year’s festival, which runs from 14-20 June, will be different. Many events will be held online to make them accessible to all – and to keep you safe!”

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