Fair Begins With You This World Refugee Day

Take a stand on World Refugee Day and show politicians you want a better plan for people seeking safety.

We’re joining forces with thousands of people across the UK this World Refugee Day (Thursday 20 June) to call for a fair new plan for refugees.

In the lead up to the General Election, we want to show politicians from all parities that most people want a kinder, fairer and more effective refugee system. But we need your help to make sure the message is loud and clear.

Please join us by showing your support on World Refugee Day.

It’s so easy to take part. Just download this picture and share it on social media on Thursday, 20 June, alongside a message of solidarity and the hashtag #FairBeginsHere.

You can write your own message or use this suggested wording:

This #WorldRefugeeDay I’m calling for a fair new plan for refugees.

With a General Election around the corner, it’s time to come together to reject hostility & division & stand for something better. #FairBeginsHere

Fair Begins with Us

The current UK government keeps saying that hostile refugee policies are what people want. But they don’t speak for us and we know that many others feel the same.

In fact, a recent poll commissioned by Together With Refugees found that 80% of people in Britain want an asylum system that is well-managed, fair and compassionate.

Too many people are trapped in our cruel and uncaring asylum system. Prevented from working. Separated from friends and family. Living in fear of being sent to Rwanda.

These policies aren’t working for refugees or local communities. It’s time for something better.

Read more about the Fair Begins Here campaign and how you can get involved this World Refugee Day.

The louder our voice becomes, the harder it will be for the next UK government to ignore.