Event spotlight: Preserving LGBTQI+ stories

This event invites those who identify as LGBTQI+ and have experienced the UK’s asylum system, displacement or migration to share their stories.

The workshop will explore oral history, mapping and storytelling techniques and allow participants to take part in a group oral history interview and be part of Scotland’s vibrant LGBT history!

Preserving this history will ensure a legacy for generations to come, keeping our stories alive. This workshop aims to address gaps that exist within Scotland’s heritage and empower participants to add their story to the historical record.

Equalities Minister Kaukab Stewart:

“Refugees have helped make Scotland the successful and diverse country it is today for many generations. On World Refugee Day we celebrate the strength and courage of people who have been forced to flee their home country to escape conflict or persecution.

“We know that some of those who seek safety in Scotland do so because of their LGBTQI+ identity, and we know that this community can face particular challenges. The stories of the LGBTQI+ refugee community – their need for protection, seeking asylum, settling in Scotland and becoming part of our communities – are an important part of our history and should be recognised and shared with generations to come.

“I strongly encourage members of Scotland’s LGBTQI+ refugee community to stand proud, make their voices heard and to share their stories.”

Chris Afuakwah, Storytelling Officer at Scottish Refugee Council:

“People are forced to flee their homes across the world every single day, because of war, terror and persecution. And for many people, this persecution is because of who they are and who they love.

“There are some fantastic support groups for (and run by) LGBTQI+ refugees and migrants in Glasgow, and we
want to ensure that the stories of these communities are preserved for future generations.

“As a queer person myself I’m all too aware of LGBTQI+ communities being written out of history. Archiving is a way to fight back and say – we have always been here, and here’s the evidence!

“It can be challenging to speak out publicly, especially in such hostile times as we are currently in – so this workshop is a chance for people to share their story in a safe environment, to meet new people, and to find out more about how they can be part of Scotland’s vibrant LGBTQI+ history.”

This half-day event will take place on 20th June, from 2-4pm at CCA, Glasgow. Book tickets.

About the Scottish Council on Archives and OurStory Scotland:

The Scottish Council on Archives is Scotland’s leading advocacy and development organisation for archive and records management services in Scotland and we want to empower people to take ownership of their own stories and be part of a sustainable archive of the future.

Queer lives are too often hidden in the archives and for the past 20 years the LGBTQ+ community archive, OurStory Scotland, have rescued the evidence of our lives, ensuring our stories are recognised as an integral part of a diverse Scotland.

Interviews recorded as part of the OurStory Scotland Collection are in the process of being preserved and made accessible at the National Library of Scotland.