A reflection on my time as Refugee Festival Scotland Assistant

I recently took on another role at Scottish Refugee Council; I will be moving to our services department as a case manager, supporting recently arrived families in Glasgow. As it is my last day in post, I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on my time as Refugee Festival Scotland assistant and what this role has meant to me. 

Refugee Festival Scotland is an exceptionally unique and celebratory event that I feel very honoured have been part of. There is something truly radical and defiant about choosing joy, celebration, knowledge, and culture in the face of a hostile environment. Community members coming together with resilience to celebrate and honour hope during such challenging times left a huge impression on me.  

I have valued and learned so much from my time as festival assistant. My knowledge of networks and support available not only in Glasgow but the rest of Scotland has been expanded exponentially. I feel lucky to have gotten to meet so many wonderful community leaders and organisers and learn about their work. I am inspired by the groups across Scotland dedicated to making Scotland a welcoming and safe place for all and will take their patience, creativity, and resourcefulness as welcomed lessons in my future role! 

I am happy to be staying within Scottish Refugee Council and looking forward to still taking part in the festival, only from a slightly different perspective! I am confident that Refugee Festival Scotland is going to further evolve into a resounding celebratory festival that radically welcomes everyone seeking sanctuary in Scotland. The future of the festival is bright, and I am so looking forward to seeing it shine!