Refugee Festival Focus: Why Public Libraries?

We reached out to our event organisers to find out a bit more about their #RefugeeFestScot events!

Meet Rachel from Edinburgh Napier University.


What can people expect from your event? Why should they come along?

“This event is the opening of a small art exhibition which will be available for viewing for about a month in the Wester-Hailes Public Library. The artworks show the stories of the artists and their relationships with public libraries. By joining the event participants can experience the talent and stories of their community members who have lived experience with seeking sanctuary.”


What does the theme of Storytelling mean to you/ your organisation?

“The theme of storytelling to me is amazing. Telling stories is a huge part of my culture, whether through music, poems, art, spoken word, or prose. Through the telling and listening of stories we build connections with others and open our minds to experiences other than ours.

“We learn lessons of ourselves, the world, and our communities when we tell stories and listen to stories, so having a whole week dedicated to this theme I think will help make our communities stronger.”


What are you most looking forward to/ hoping for during the Festival?

“I’m most looking forward to during the Festival is seeing all the other wonderful events and hearing the stories of our community members who have sought sanctuary here. I hope to meet many new people whose stories are different to mine to learn from and build new connections with.”


Why Public Libraries? will open on Monday 2oth June from 2-4.30pm. Don’t worry if you can’t make the grand opening, the exhibition will be on display until 20 July!