Refugee Festival Focus: MIN’s 21st birthday!

We reached out to our event organisers to find out a bit more about their #RefugeeFestScot events!

Meet Rose from Maryhill Integration Network.


What can people expect from your event? Why should they come along?

“MIN will be celebrating 21 years at the heart of Glasgow’s welcome to refugees and asylum seekers. Our event will feature live music and songs, from friends of MIN, old and new. All of the bands performing at our event include musicians and singers from different cultures and language groups, who share their joy through art and live performance –  we are so excited to welcome them and share our event with the whole community. Our event will be a family friendly event with activities for children, and also some delicious food and birthday cake!”


What does the theme of Storytelling mean to you/ your organisation?

“MIN focuses on the joy that our diverse communities bring, and how together we are stronger and more powerful. Within all our groups and activities we see people from various cultures, faiths and languages groups participating, collaborating and supporting one another. We want to share the stories that don’t often reach the headlines, stories of unity, hope and celebration. Everyday stories of families and individuals who are part of MIN’s extended family.”


What are you most looking forward to/ hoping for during the Festival?

“We’re looking forward to sharing joyful moments with one another. We have recently gathered for an event in opposition to the Nationality and Borders Act, yet it’s important for us to share moments of celebration, to rest, reflect, dance and continue the fight.”


MIN’s 21st Birthday Party will take place tonight at Maryhill Community Centre, Glasgow, from 5.30pm. Register here!