Refugee Festival Focus: HOME

We reached out to our event organisers to find out a bit more about their #RefugeeFestScot events!

Meet Paul from Musicians in Exile.


What can people expect from your event? Why should they come along?

“Musicians with asylum seeking experience share our songs about home, those people and places left behind, the unsettled status of now, dreams of a safer place in Scotland to call home. Musicians in Exile, founded in 2018 as a community project of Govan’s orchestra, The Glasgow Barons, uncovers the sounds and songs which lie hidden within Glasgow’s diverse asylum seekers.”


What does the theme of Storytelling mean to you/ your organisation?

“Everything. Very often, songs and musical pieces cannot be translated for Scottish ears yet still communicate a longing for places fled, inner peace sought, identities recovered. The stories within our songs and the personal reasons of our performers who choose them changes and saves lives. A little piece of our souls gets rescued, a glimpse into rich heritage and narratives shared with the wider community.”


What are you most looking forward to/ hoping for during the Festival?

“We are looking forward to love shared between each other on stage, and with our audiences. In many cases, it’s all we have left.”


HOME will take place on Tuesday 21st June from 19.30-20.30 at Govan & Linthouse Parish Church. Find out more and book your free tickets.